Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 254 (ingles)

TN: After returning from Japan, completing a hellish assignment (including losing about two hundred words in a crash and having to retype them from scratch), taking a breather and getting somewhat addicted to Tales of VS, I'm finally back and getting down to work on my backlog! Installment 5: two chapters of Reborn!] 1 Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Target 254: A Visit From Uni [Insert text: Her glorious smile... // ...blooms in the vast sky...!] 2 [Insert text: Uni appears!!] Bluebell: Ah... // She's moving... [little face thing] Irie: Uni... // ...spoke of her own accord... Tsuna: Ehhhhh~~~~?! // That girl is the other Millefiore Boss...?! Reborn: So it really was you. // You've grown... Uni. Uni: Indeed. // Uncle Reborn. 3 Tsuna: !! // Reborn knows her?! Wait... // "Uncle"......?!! // She calls this baby "Uncle"...?! Reborn: Oh, shut up. Tsuna: Owwwwww!! // Wh... Who is that girl?! Reborn: The granddaughter of a friend of mine. Tsuna: G... Granddaughter~~?! // Ah... // She's got a pacifier hanging from her neck... // Even though she's not a baby...?? Uni: It is a pleasure to meet you. // My Vongola friends. 4 Haru: Ahh...! // Tsuna-san is going red~~~~~! Byakuran: Hahahah... Now, this was unexpected. // I must say, you surprised me. // The colour has really come back into your face... // Looks like you've recovered completely, eh? // Uni-chan~♪ Tsuna: ? Ryouhei: ...... // Was she ill or something...? Irie: No...... Byakuran-san had destroyed...... // ......her soul...... Reborn: !! Tsuna: H... // Her soul?!! Irie: In order to obtain command over the Black Spell... // ...he had rendered her unable to oppose him... 5 Byakuran: Oh, don't say things like that, Shou-chan. // I just gave Uni-chan a few mental stabilisation drugs, since she was so easily frightened. Irie: No... during your private conference with Uni, Boss of the Giglionero Family, predecessor of the Black Spell... you forced a powerful poison upon her. // You rendered her little more than a doll to be manipulated. Isn't that right, Uni-san...? Uni: ...... Tsuna: Th... // That's just... Uni: However, during that period, my soul... // ...was taking refuge far away, and so I was fine. Byakuran: ? [TN: I think making Byakuran say "?" counts as an epic achievement.] Tsuna: ? Kikyou: Far away...? 6 Uni: Byakuran... similar to yourself... // I have the power to traverse the different worlds. Byakuran: !! Dino: ?! Tsuna: ? // ? Uni: Allow me to repeat. // As Boss of the Millefiore Family Black Spell, I support the proposal of a rematch with the Vongola. // I do so because... 7 Uni: The promise between Byakuran and Irie-san truly occurred. Bluebell: How would you know a thing like that?! [face thing] Byakuran: Now, it's awfully nice that you're healthy now, Uni-chan... // But you have no right to interfere in my decisions. Uni: ! Byakuran: Certainly, I will consult you when I am unsure what action to take, but you are merely the second-in-command. // The final decision in all matters rests with me. Uni: ......... Byakuran: This discussion is over. Uni: ...Yes, of course... // I understand...... 8 Uni: In that case... // I withdraw from the Millefiore Family. Tsuna/Reborn: ! Gokudera: !! Uni: Sawada Tsunayoshi-san... // I have a request to make. Tsuna: Huh?! // A... A request...?! 9 Uni: Please protect me. [TN: ユニちゃんはボクの嫁だ] 10 Tsuna: Ehhhhhh~~~~~~~~?!! // P... Protect...? // Aren't you the Boss of the Black Spell...?! Uni: It is not I alone that I wish for you to protect. // Please... // ...protect my comrades' pacifiers, as well. 11 Reborn: !! Tsuna: Are those... // The Arcobaleno's...?! Byakuran: You can't just go taking those, Uni-chan. // Those are part of my Trinisette Collection. Uni: No... These pacifiers were given to me... // Besides which, they could not be called the Trinisette in your possession. Byakuran: Hm? Uni: After all... Irie: !! Byakuran: !!! Tsuna: Ahhh...! 12 Uni: The pacifiers cannot display their reason for existence without a soul. Irie: ...They're so bright...! // Did they always shine so brightly?! Tsuna: Wh... What's going on? // Why can that girl make them shine like that?! Byakuran: ......... // I see... // So that's what's going on!! // Your'e incredible, Uni-chan! / You really can do it if you try!! // I think I do need you on my side. // Come, let us be friends, Uni-chan. Uni: Stay back! Byakuran: ? 13 Uni: I cannot allow you... // ...to take possession of our souls any longer. Byakuran: ♪ // What do you think you're saying? // If you run from me with those, I'll just chase you to the ends of the Earth and take them back. // Now, let's go home. // Come back to me now, yes? // Come along~♪ Kyouko: Tsuna-kun!! // Help her!! Tsuna: Huh?! // B - But... 14 Tsuna: Ahh!! 15 Tsuna: Reborn!! Uni: Uncle! Reborn: Don't push your luck, Byakuran. // It doesn't matter who you are, or what the situation... // If you lay a finger on the Boss of the Arcobaleno... // I'm not going to just stand and watch. Tsuna: Whaaaaaa~~?! // She's the Boss of the Arcobaleno~~~?! Byakuran: Trying to be a knight in shining armour? Arcobaleno Reborn. Kikyou: Byakuran-sama. // Please, do not worry. We will take Uni-sama along ourselves presently. 16 Kikyou: Hahah. Irie: !! Squalo: OOOOOOOOI!! 17 Squalo: If you're fightin' someone, it's gonna be me! // I'm just itchin' to go really wild!! Hibari: You're in my way. Tsuna: Squalo...... // ...and Hibari-san!! Squalo: The fuck're you doing?! Hibari: Hands off my prey. Kikyou: Hahah... // These brats don't learn. Tsuna: Wait... Guys!! // What are you doing~~~~?! [Insert text: They just keep coming!]

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